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Do you want a lasting memory of your family or event, but think the traditional portrait doesn't accurately portray your individual style and taste?

The Kuchar family wanted a unique family portrait for their home. I traveled to The Masters to capture this once-in-a-lifetime moment in his signature Pixel Impressionism style.

I love it! Thank you so much! I can't wait to get it up in the house - S. Kuchar

Your Life is a Masterpiece

commissioned figurative paining portrait of PGA pro Matt Kuchar's family at the Masters
commission aerial portrait figurative painting of man running away from bulls in the Running of th Bulls
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Together, we can come up with an oil painting that your family will be proud to display for generations.
“OMG! It's AWESOME! WOW - so impressed! Can't wait!”
 Smith, MI
“Love it!
Can't wait to see it hung in our home.”
 Ricciardello, TX
“I can't thank Warren Keating enough for this BEAUTIFUL painting. It all started with a photograph I took of my son on top of my husband's shoulders. I just fell in love with the photo, and I thought it would be a special gift to my husband to have it formalized in paint by a professional artist. I thought Warren Keating might be perfect for the job, and boy was he! He completely exceeded my expectations with this breathtaking piece. My husband was brought to tears when he received it. We'll cherish this painting, and we know one day our son will, too. Gifts don't get any better than that!’
M Wall, TX

The version on the left side appealed to the collector, but he had wished that the male subject was bald. This seamless addition to the painting took his connection to the piece to another level:


A painting of a special moment commissioned for a Christmas present.

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